DKBC Customer Service - Terms and Conditions

A. Payments
1 A down payment (Deposit) of 50-70% of the invoiced amount (including materials and labour) is required for commitment to this contract. The balance of the invoiced amount is due and should be paid upon the products are picked up or delivered to the job site if delivery or installation service is selected.
2 Should the invoiced amount be changed for any reason, the difference of amount is due and should be paid upon all the products are picked up or delivered.
3 You (the customer) understand that this project is specially designed according to your requirement, and Discount Kitchen & Bath Cabinets (hereinafter "DKBC") will take steps to execute this contract by ordering and building these products. Therefore, this contract is not subject to cancellation by the customer for any reason unless otherwise with prior written approval from DKBC. Deposit is not refundable if the customer cancels the contract. 
4 All the later payment will be subject to an interest charge of 8% per month.
5 DKBC agrees to execute this contract in accordance with the relevant industrial/trade practices, while the customer agrees that any claim(s) for adjustment/modification to the project shall not constitute a reason or excuse for the failure to pay the contract price in full. If the payment is not received in a given date, DKBC reserves the right to take legal actions, including but not limited to putting a lien against the property of the job site.

B. Quality of Products/Services

  The quality of the products supplied by DKBC is equivalent to that of the display items at the DKBC showroom. So is the quality of installation services.
1 Colour: The colour aberration of the cabinet doors, frames and/or side panels is expected not to exceed 15%
2 Grain: All wood products are made of natural solid wood. Therefore the grain, grain pattern, and the density of wood and the consistency of paint of cabinets may vary and not under control by DKBC.
3 Tolerance: All wood cabinets are subject to expand, shrink, distort, crack and/or bend in different circumstances. DKBC will consider it as a quality issue only when the cabinets shrink, distort, crack and/or bend more than 1/8 inch during a normal environment. Hairline cracks are unavoidable in wood cabinets, specially with light color painted ones. DKBC will NOT consider hairline cracks as a quality issue.
C. Returns, Exchanges & Orders
1 RETURN & EXCHANGE: All sales are FINAL if any discount is given to the sold items. These items are sold AS IS. All exchanges of products should be pre-approved by DKBC sales representative. A 25% -30% of the invoiced amount will be applied as restocking fee for all returned and exchanged products. DKBC does NOT accept any assembled/installed and/or damaged products, and specially ordered items for exchange or return. All exchanges or returns must be made within fifteen (15) days of pick-up or delivered date.
2 DAMAGE: If any product arrives with visible damage or unsealed damage when you open the box,  you MUST report to DKBC within 72 hours to ensure to file a claim. Once damage is found, it is important to take pictures and email us to identify the situation.  If there is any damages on cabinet door(s) and/or face frame(s), the damaged item(s) should be sent back to DKBC. DKBC will fix or exchange the defective items accordingly.
3 ADDTIOANL ORDER: Measurements provided by customers are subject to verification and inspection of site conditions. The customer will be responsible for any changes occur due to unknown site conditions. Written request and full payment for material/product and extra labor will be required for any additional materials or products ordered after this contract is signed.

D. Labor, Shipping and Delivery
1 DELIVERY: By default, the ordered products shall be picked up by the customer at the DKBC warehouse. Only when you use DKBC delivery or installation service, the ordered products will be delivered to the ground level of the job site. Additional charge of $10/cabinet/floor for an apartment with stairs will be applied if customer requires to deliver to other floors.  Delivery fee changes based on the area of the job site.
2 DKBC is a material supplier. To better serve our customers, DKBC introduces independent installers to our customers and they follow DKBC quotation and standard. However, during the installation, the customer should first resolve any issue with the installer. DKBC will help its customers to coordinate with the installer when customer asks us to do so.
- DKBC provides RTA cabinets, the size of cabinets are standard. The customer understands and agrees that additional adjustment may be necessary during the installation. Reasonable material and labor cost may be added or abstracted over the invoiced amount.
- If the customer orders cabinets based on their own measurements, DKBC is NOT responsible for its accuracy.
3 No plumbing, electrical,  decoration or other construction work is provided unless otherwise set forth herein.

E. Warranty
1 Products come with One (1) year limited manufacturer’s warranty starting the date of pick up or delivery.  The warranty is not transferable.
2 This warranty is NOT applied to: A) Cabinetry or parts that have been subject to alteration, modification, damage in transit, defect in installation, extreme temperature, moisture levels, abnormal use, wear and tear, or abrasive cleaning chemicals. B) Any products used or installed in conjunction with DKBC cabinets, such as plumbing fixtures, counter tops, or appliances. C) Any Close-Out, clearance, floor model, final sale items. D) Hairline cracks of cabinets.  E) Pre-cut Countertops.
3 This warranty is limited to the cost of replacement of defective parts and does not include service, labor, or transportation charges. IN NO EVENT shall DKBC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with
the use or misuse of it’s products. 
4 DKBC is not responsible for any damage caused by the user's or other party's intentional or negligent conduct. Damages caused by fire, water, earthquake, termites or other force majeure are not covered by this warranty.

F. Others
  The title to the product will not transfer to the customer until all payment have been made in full.
  Attorney's fee: Any dispute should be settled down by DKBC and the customer. If  a lawsuit is filed for this contract the losing party is liable for the litigation costs.
This contract embodies the whole contract of the parties. There are no premised, terms, conditions or obligations other than those contained herein. and this contract shall supersede all previous communications or agreement, verbal or written, between the parties.